Excerpt from MATT & BRETT LOVE COMICS episode 1! With guest Nicole Drespel!

I’m figuring out how to get the whole episode up for your listening ears, but in the meantime enjoy two and a half minute snippet of joy, as me and Matt discuss the inherent problems with Animal Man with Nicole.

"Jack of all animals, master of none."

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    The first episode of Matt & Brett Love Comics! Also featuring Nicole Drespel, who I am now nicknaming The Highlight....
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    MATT & BRETT LOVE COMICS #1 with NICOLE DRESPEL Click here for download (tasty Mediafire! iTunes-ness forthcoming) Show...
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    It’s stupid that this show hasn’t existed for years. Matt & Brett: You guys are stupid for not doing this sooner....
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    I completely agree with Nicole on this one. SPECIFY, people.
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