I have to admit I’m fascinated by this. 

I’m also fascinated that there are people who are saying they don’t want to see this happen. Why not?

The worst case scenario is that it won’t work and you won’t like it or you won’t want to watch it and you won’t watch it.

But what if it works? Wouldn’t that be crazy? Even if it doesn’t work, it will be interesting to see a show try to switch from a single camera comedy to a totally different kind of show.

I have to admit that I’m sort of eager for someone to bring back the multi-cam sitcom in a big way. I believe that one of Dan Harmon’s shows-in-development is something like that, and it would be amazing if he knocked it out of the park and showed people that this can be done well once again.

As innovative as Louie is, I feel like a lot of people really missed the boat by not getting onboard when Louis CK made Lucky Louie for HBO. It wasn’t perfect, but when it worked (see episode 7, “Discipline”) I thought it pointed the way towards a direction that multi-cam sitcoms could go that would be exciting and new. (Although he was really just taking things back to when shows like All In The Family used the multi-cam format so daringly.)

I’m not suggesting that this is what’s going to happen with Up All Night. But at some point somebody’s gonna figure out who to make the next Cheers and it’s gonna be awesome.

[Personally, I think sitcoms took a wrong turn when they stopped actually announcing that they were “filmed in front of a live studio audience” at the top of each episode. People commonly refer to a lot of multi-cam sitcoms as having “laugh tracks” in instances where what you’re hearing is an actual audience of humans laughing at the live performance.]


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    duh because going multicam was a TERRIBLE IDEA
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    I have to admit I’m fascinated by this. I’m also fascinated that there are people who are saying they don’t want to see...
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